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Energy Efficient



FCC Certified

Type B Shop Light

DYMOND's 4FT LED Shop Light is a must-have for any workshop or garage. With its enclosed design, this shop light delivers an impressive 5000 lumens of brightness at only 50 watts of power consumption. This shop light is guaranteed to be a versatile and durable solution for your space.

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Simple Installation

Our shop light can be easily mounted onto any surface or hung from its hooks. Whether you need overhead lighting or task-specific illumination, our shop light has got you covered

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Pull-Chain Switch

A stylish pull-chain switch provides you convenient access to your shop light's power without the hassle of traveling to a wall switch

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Illuminate your space with this fixture's ability to have 4 total units connected, emitting up to 20000 lumens of light in 5000K Daylight White

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